Everything You Need to Know About Sanpaku Eyes

What is Sanpaku Eyes?

Its literal translation is “three whites,” which alludes to how an eye may be divided into segments, with the whites making up three of the four. When the white of someone’s eye is seen above or below the iris, this is referred to as sanpaku

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sanpaku eyes

Difference Between Normal & Sanpaku Eyes

sanpaku eyes

Because the sclera and the white part of the eye are visible, you can tell if someone has sanpaku eyes. They don’t have a wrinkle and seem farther away. If you watch an anime or read a manga, you will see these eyes. They are often referred to as having “squinted eyes.”

Sanpaku eyes vs. "typical" eyes

It’s likely that you will see the pupil and iris in the center and the whites (sclera) on either side of your eyes when you gaze in a mirror or image of yourself. As you look in different directions or “roll” your eyes up or down, your iris and pupil may move.

sanpaku eyes

Celebrities With Sanpaku Eyes

Here are some famous celebrities having Sanpaku Eyes.

What is a scleral show?

The phrase “scleral show” in medicine refers to the visibility of the sclera (the white of the eye) above or below the iris. It is an anatomical condition in which the bones move and change shape as a result of inheritance, hormones, trauma, or aging.

sanpaku eyes
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Sanpaku Eyes